What We Do - Organic Farming and More!



We designed and built a system where tilapia and plants help each other grow.

Pastured Poultry


Chickens, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl roam free and eat a well-balanced diet that only nature can provide. And, boy, do their eggs show it! Yum.

Pastured Pork


These heritage hogs graze and forage freely and their meat is red, rich and flavorful like nothing available in stores (or even most restaurants)! It's a must try!

Heirloom Produce


If you're not a fan of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or other poisons, you came to the right place! We raise heirloom fruits and veggies and we grow them organically.

Fun Extras


Sauces, ferments, fruit leather, jerky, herbal remedies, all natural health and beauty products, etc. We get rave reviews from our customers about our innovative offerings.