Do you offer farm tours and field trips?

Short answer: It depends. This is our private residence, so it doesn't lend itself to large crowds. However, we've been known to give some really rad tours to some of our most loyal repeat customers. Feel free to email us at info@alabamaacres.com with any inquiries.

Do you offer internships?

Not yet, but we are open to it if demand continues to increase. Please email us with any requests.

Are you organic?

The methods we exercise here are far beyond that! Though we have chosen not to become Certified Organic, we follow their guidelines PLUS employ biodiversity, crop rotation, soil conservation, water conservation, no hormones, no antibiotics (unless it's life or death), and even no tilling! 

Do you rent out your beautiful farm for photo shoots?

At the risk of sounding cryptic, it depends. :) We do have a photographer with whom we have built a deeply trusting professional relationship. She often books our farm just before sunset to get the most magical lighting. If you would like to inquire about booking a photo shoot with her, please email us at info@alabamaacres.com 

Can we buy a baby pig from you and you raise it for us and give us the meat?

We can do you one better: We currently sell animals that are already near slaughter weight. This reduces your risk! Even when they're pampered like ours are, animals die. I don't want to sell you a piglet and for it not to make it to adulthood. We will assume all the risks and you may purchase the hog once it's almost ready to head to the slaughterhouse.

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Do you sell big batches of your products at wholesale for my shop to resale?

Sure! There's a decent chance I can even create a completely custom line for you. Jam, hot sauce, salsa, jerky, lip balm, healing balm, lotion bars, bath bombs...let me know what you have in mind and we'll get creative. info@alabamaacres.com